Live music by Lumberyard at Back Forty

Live music by Lumberyard at Back Forty in the Austin Room. No cover charge. 8-11 pm.  Doors open at 6. Award-winning BBQ Buffet served from 6-8pm.

Read more about Lumberyard band below!

LUMBERYARD is: Dan DeShara guitar/vocals, Tom Fleming guitar/vocals, Jim Bogios drums/vocals, Dave McCullough bass, Paul Shenton bass.

LUMBERYARD is a “good-time, foot stompin’ classic rock, funk, soul, techno dance band.” The name came courtesy of the late, great Jeff Slingerland. The word LUMBERYARD seemed to be earthy yet not to dirty, obtuse yet still reaky with clarity, appealing un-repulsive and lastly; visually stimulating. Men think of building workshops and women think of knotty pine. Somehow it works…

The music itself flows from the “great fountain of musical gestation” era, imho, 1965-1975, plus some 80s-90s thrown in for a good, slightly salty/sweaty flavor. Here can be found many of the musical building blocks/primordial stew, if you will, of the pop/rock/blues/funk/spoken word disco/temporal formats that constitute our song list. It harkens back to the day when an orange haired person wearing a powder blue leisure suit on trumpet could “jam” (to improvise over a designated chord structure and/or sometimes just one chord) with a leather clad 18th Century Dandy on swizzle stick not to mention the platform shoe wearing bassist in a green neon nurse’s uniform. Difficult to imagine in this uptight Twittery Facebooky Googley Internet Webs (sic) modern day world…

Jim Ocean, promoter for the Summer Concerts at Todos Santos Park: “LUMBERYARD puts it’s own unique spin on a lot of classic rock favorites. From Britney Spears to Aerosmith, LUMBERYARD challenges the originals with expert musicianship and razor sharp 3-part harmonies. Also, they do forgotten songs that rarely get heard with other hits weaving through the arrangements seamlessly. 5 stars!”


LUMBERYARD has employed the diverse skills of many Bay Area musicians:Tommy Miller, Alan Thiele, Donn Spindt, Matt Tidmarsh, Kean Butterfield, Michael Urbano, Rick Lilley, Ken Cooper, Zac Johnson, Paul Cotruvo and Stef Burns.

Our “sit in” friends include Mark “Jellyroll” Burgstahler, Antonia Venezia, David Martin, Gary King, Toni Bryant, Kathleen McCarthy Kahn, Brad Gillis, Rob Goldstein, Ron Dallimonti, Mark Caputo, Jerry Herrington, Bruce Brophy and Kiki Stack.